About Us

Always Fresh. Never Sour. Sum up Mungo in a single word? Produce. We produce physical events, cinematic experiences, digital platforms, and most importantly…results. Get in touch with our Clio award-winning team to see how we can give you the rockstar treatment.


We’re from the music industry. We don’t just drop an album…we launch a release. We use that same ideology for all our clients, taking a strategic approach to our content deliverables and planning out a multichannel message to maximize growth and maintain frequency. That’s a lotta M’s. We’re constantly creating for IG, FB, TikTok, YouTube, and Spotify and have uploaded over 4,000 pieces of content in the year 2021.


The Big Show. We’ve been there, we know it well. All the planning and the promotion comes down to one big day. Every I must be dotted and the T’s crossed, but more so you need a team who works well under pressure, can adapt on the fly and keep a smile from setup to strike. And once the dust has settled, you need an agency who can tell the story of that epic event, for those unlucky enough to have missed it.


We’re used to living on the edge…the cutting edge. Our team has worked on apps, augmented reality and video games to create deeper immersive experiences for our clients. What does the future hold? Let us take a deep dive into the ways in which we can leverage the latest tech to put your brand top of mind and ahead of the game.


You think Instagram is tough? Try building a following on the road. Though street teams and wheat-paste posters are a thing of the past, spreading a consistent, clear message to your audience is more on-trend than ever. We create eye-popping content for IG, Facebook, TikTok, Spotify, Twitch and Snap guaranteed to keep your followers buzzing. And detailed analytics are delivered weekly to measure your increased engagement. #mungomade